`Ivc Filter Leads

Hello we have ivc filter leads that we are generating from internet opt in pages from organic and ppc methods. These are quality ivc filter leads that are seeking information regarding a lawsuit due to an injury. We are U.S. based in New York and we do not outsource any of our marketing. Explore our ivc filter lead cost options below:

Live phone calls from television commercial: 295 – Includes one minute buffer

Live phone calls from radio advertisement: 325 – Includes a direct call to your intake staff

Exclusive internet opt in leads: 325 – Includes return for disconnected or wrong numbers

Dual qualified email delivered: 800 – Includes injury only returns for any lead not qualified

Triple qualified live phone transfer: 950 – Includes injury only and returns if not qualified

We look forward to working with you and strive to provide the utmost highest quality lead in the mass tort industry.

Contact Scott Rivers at 888-674-TORT or info@exclusiveattorneyleads.com

Mass tort ivc filter leads generation

Find qualified ivc filter leads for your firm today.

`Vaginal mesh tvm leads

Welcome to the tvm vginal mesh lead generation section of our company. Each tvm live transfer lead that we generate is triple qualified to ensure accuracy. We offer only the highest caliber opt in qualified tvm leads with revision surgery.

Increase your case load today with quality tvm leads.

Tvm vaginal mesh lead generation options:

Live transfer triple qualified tvm lead: 750

Live transfer double qualified off shore tvm lead: 695

Every transvaginal mesh, pelvic mesh and bladder sling lead we create will be qualified for specific filters as requested. We also stand behind our tvm lead generation service with our performance guarantee. Live transfer tvm leads await.

Contact us today for your tvm lead quote:

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